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  Grain Policy  04/02/19 3:03:40 PM

Grain Policy
Spot Bushels
GFE accepts spot bushels as long as we are posting a cash bid for the current month.
Spot bushels will either automatically be priced at the end of the day or priced as the bushels come across the scale.  To have bushels priced across the scale, contact one of the grain originators.

Futures Only Contract
We offer futures only contracts (HTA's) at no upfront fee to you.
Rolling is allowed at a fee of 2 cents per roll.
You cannot roll through a crop year.
Once basis is set no rolling is allowed.

Basis Contract
Futures must be set prior to or on first notice day. 
Neither futures or basis can be rolled.
No cash advance.
Contact Will Steffel with any questions.

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