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  XBRL Filings  08/23/19 10:35:46 AM

XBRL Files

XBRL Files for 10-Q 04/30/2019
XBRL Files for 10-Q 01/31/2019
XBRL Files for 10-Q 10/31/2018
XBRL Files for 10-Q 07/31/2018
XBRL Files for 10-Q 04/30/2018
XBRL Files for 10-Q 01/31/2018
XBRL Files for 10-K 10/31/2017

XBRL Files for 10-Q 07/31/2017
XBRL Files for 10-Q 04/30/2017
XBRL Files for 10-Q 01/31/2017
XBRL Files for 10-K 10/31/2016

XBRL Files for 10-Q 07/31/2016
XBRL Files for 10-Q 04/30/2016
XBRL Files for 10-Q 01/31/2016
XBRL Files for 10-K 10/31/2015
XBRL Files for 10-Q 07/31/2015
XBRL Files for 10-Q 04/30/2015
XBRL Files for 10-Q 01/31/2015
XBRL Files for 10-K 10/31/2014

XBRL Files for 10-Q 07/31/2014

File For 10-Q (April 30, 2014)
gfe20140430.xml Instance Document
gfe20140430.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20140430_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20140430_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20140430_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20140430_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (January 31, 2014)
gfe20140131.xml Instance Document
gfe20140131.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20140131_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20140131_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20140131_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20140131_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-K (October 31, 2013)
gfe20131031.xml Instance Document
gfe20131031.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20131031_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20131031_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20131031_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20131031_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (July 30, 2013)
gfe20130731.xml Instance Document
gfe20130731.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20130731_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20130731_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe 20130731_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20130731_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (April 30, 2013)
gfe20130430.xml Instance Document
gfe20130430.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20130430_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20130430_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20130430_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20130430_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (January 31, 2013)
gfe20130131.xml Instance Document
gfe20130131.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20130131_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20130131_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20130131_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20130131_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-K (October 31, 2012)
gfe20121031.xml Instance Document
gfe20121031.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20121031_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20121031_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20121031_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20121031_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (July 31, 2012)
gfe20120731.xml Instance Document
gfe20120731.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20120731_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20120731_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20120731_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20120731_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (April 30, 2012)
gfe20120430.xml Instance Document
gfe20120430.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20124030_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20120430_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20120430_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20120430_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (January 31, 2012)
gfe20120131.xml Instance Document
gfe20120131.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20120131_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20120131_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20120131_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20120131_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-K (October 31, 2011)
gfe20111031.xml Instance Document
gfe20111031.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20111031_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20111031_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20111031_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20111031_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
File For 10-Q (July 31, 2011)
gfe20110731.xml Instance Document
gfe20110731.xsd SCHEMA
gfe20110731_cal.xml Calculation Linkbase
gfe20110731_def.xml Definition Linkbase
gfe20110731_lab.xml Labels Linkbase
gfe20110731_pre.xml Presentation Linkbase
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