Monday, May 21, 2018  
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  Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co.  03/15/17 1:35:19 PM

Granite Falls Energy, LLC has signed a Grain Procurement Agreement with Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company ("FCE") to be the exclusive source of Corn for Granite Falls Energy. Corn delivered to FCE Granite Falls Energy will be handled the same as it is delivered to other FCE Locations, Patron Equities will be earned and 50% Cash Dividend will be paid.

Contact FCE for Corn Bids to be delivered to Granite Falls Energy. Please use this link for closing FCE Corn Bids or contact FCE by phone for current Bid:

Both GFE and FCE have agreed to amend their Grain Procurement Agreement to accelerate the termination date of the Grain Procurement Agreement to midnight August 31, 2017.
GFE will begin posting bids for the purchase of corn beginning June 1, 2017 for delivery after September 1, 2017

(800-626-2510) (507-768-3448)
(320-564-3835) (320-765-4100)  
Address: 15045 Hwy 23 SE PO Box 216 Granite Falls MN  56241
Phone: 320-564-3100 Fax: 320-564-3190
E-mail: Granite Falls Energy













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